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Editing news!  I am truly excited to let you know that another book has been added to the "current projects" list!  In addition to Grimme by Peter Smalley, I'm now also workingon Spiral X by J. J. Westendarp.   Both come with their own sets of unique challenges and as I get further into my groove, I am grateful that I have the opportunity  given by these fine authors - I'm doing what I love, and learning so much throughout the process.  I do so love the act of learning. 

I fervently wish I had more free time to dedicate solely to editing.  I suspect that wishing my life away will not ultimately contribute any more time that I could be using to do...well, anything, really.    I must choose to click my little boxes with alacrity, so that I may leave the day job knowing that I put this work ethic to it's best use for the people I'm employed by.   Because there have been days when getting this much work done by lunchtime just wasn't feasible.  So I remind myself that accomplishing goals for any reason is not only expected, but that it's sometimes appreciated deeply.

I also know that it comes down to choice.  I choose to work aside from editing because I really enjoy having some discretionary income.  I choose to work here because I like the people I work with (which is really the most important component, isn't it?) and the work is not horrible.  Repetitive, yes, sometimes.  But, truth be told, so is editing - there are so many creative ways to use a comma, but only one way to remove it from that unfortunate placement within a sentence:  delete it. 

I struggle with the entropy of clicking little boxes because it's not terrifically challenging, and it contributes to the heat death of the universe.  So does editing, though, I suppose.  Wishing my life away doesn't achieve any goals, and it certainly doesn't get these boxes clicked any faster. 

I know that, without doubt, I am a champion box-checker.   I would like to be an outstanding editor.  Ultimately, one of these things is so much like the other with no other correlation than the addition of yours truly that it puts things nicely in perspective for the rest of the afternoon.

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