J. Huffman, Editrix
These are books I have edited.  Most can be found on Amazon or Smashwords - you may wish to shop around for a less expensive version, if you're so inclined!

Ransom X by I.B. Holder
If Tribe {=}, forthcoming book three in the Amoral Bridge Series by Gary A. Ballard
Spiral X by J.J. Westendarp
Reaper's Flight, Book 2 in the Aerthos Trilogy by Ren Cummins
The Bandit andThe Back Up both by Sandee Watkins

No links yet, but other editing projects include Grimme by Peter Smalley, Sheltered by Megan Tredway, and Peret, Book 2 of Sekhmet's Light by H. L. Reasby.

I'm also the Geeky Books Writer at Giant Fire Breathing Robot, so reviews and whatnot will be posted there.

So many fun things coming your way, my friends!
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