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So, my fine feathered friends, I have been keeping myself out of trouble (and really, really busy) with editing, writing book reviews, and reading.  The only rather regrettable portion of all of that is the fact that I rarely leave my house, now, even for coffee runs.  I find that I get so wrapped up in the project of the moment that the next thing I know, night has fallen and I'm still in my PJs.  The best part?  I have "met" a whole bunch of new authors/people, and continue to progress in working toward my ultimate goal of becoming a full-time paid editrix.  Slowly but surely, piece by piece.  

I'm one of many people that are building their dreams, their own way, with not a little help from strangers and friends alike.  It's refreshing to watch, as I hadn't been paying so close of attention to that sort of thing, and I should have been seeing it all along.  I know many, many people, and of those a great deal of them are secret writers, people who pour it out but never share it.  Musicians that create masterpieces of sound but never let anyone listen.  Artists that bare their souls on canvas or even the iPad that don't share it with the world.  I find this to be terribly saddening, truth be told.

My husband is one of those musicians.  He has an amazing ear, knows how to work every synthesizer known to man, and can create veritable symphonies in an hour or so.  I can count on one hand the number of people that I recall offhand that have ever really heard his music.  This is a travesty, in my mind, because I think that the world would love it as much as I do.  Out of respect for his apprehension, I don't push the issue.  It's his dream, it's his creation, he should control it - but that's just the thing...no one will ever know if they never hear it.  I encourage but I can't rightfully distribute, which to me is kind of a shame.  I'd love to have you all listen, and hear, and know.  

I want this for the authors I'm editing for, as well.  Each in their own way, they're whispering their innermost thoughts to us, and what a huge responsibility that is to shepherd.  I want to be equal to each, in their own uniqueness and rhythm, with my proverbial red pen.  I strive to cultivate the stories carefully, not changing things to drown out what the writer wants to convey but only to make it sing to a broad audience.  The changes I make are, of course, up for debate and discussion and ultimately it is the writer's choice to go with it or not - doesn't hurt my feelings one bit either way.  But it's very like the husband's music - I want to share the joy and the passion and the tale, but I don't want to overstep my bounds.

Knowing the difference between changing the writer's voice and making basic edits is priceless, and something I strive to learn every day, with every story.  It's sometimes not easy, but it's so worth it when it all comes to fruition.  

I want to encourage everyone to share their art with someone.  Doesn't have to be public, to be certain.  But it is a great way to get more satisfaction out of it.  See it through someone else's eyes, maybe the beauty or the pain will be reflected back at you and you'll be inspired anew.  You never know.
2/8/2011 06:08:52 pm

I feel lucky to be one of the individuals with your husband's music on my iPod. :)

2/8/2011 06:16:50 pm

You are one lucky ducky! Love you :)

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