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I have had a lot of challenges within the past few weeks, getting editing done has been nearly impossible.  However, the last installment of Gary Ballard's "Amoral Bridge" series is finally sent off for his review and comments...If you haven't read the first two, I really recommend them - they're not too "technical" for non-cyberpunk readers, but not too dumbed-down for the more hardcore fans.  The characters are real, believable, lovable and loatheable.  Oooh, now I'm just making stuff up.

 I love the sound of my keyboard clacking away - it means progress is being made.  Whether it's my words in this blog or their words that I'm shepherding, that sound is so relaxing and inspiring to me.  For a girl that generally doesn't like noise, that's saying something.


Hey, I never claimed to be good with the HTML thing, ok??

Please check out Gary's first two novels of the Bridge Chronicles (above, for the bargain-basement price of $2.79 on Kindle - how can you beat that?).  Also there are short stories, and more interesting tidbits on his website:  http://amoralbridge.blogspot.com/

When I say, dear readers, that I think you will come to love Artemis Bridge despite his being a bastard of the first caliber, I truly mean it.  I hope you'll support one of the authors that has given me not only his patience but trusted me with the opportunity to edit his work.  Thanks, Gary. 

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