J. Huffman, Editrix

I want to edit your book.

In the new era of self-publishing, one thing is clear:  self-published authors need editing services more than ever.  Your work is vital to you, and a good editor understands how to take the hidden diamond of your story and make it brilliant.  You have the story, I have the proverbial red pen.  Together?  We could make magic!  I am aware that professional editing might cost a small fortune, and my time is valuable, too.  However I also understand that being an author is rarely, if ever,  an overnight success story just waiting to happen.  My passion is books, and even more than that, to help you get a finished work that is as flawless as possible into the hands of your readers, fans, and publishing houses.  

You already risk much simply by putting your story into the wild.  Why not let me help in making it even more beautiful?  Please check out the attached blog under the "Editrix, at your service" link, just above.  Comments, criticism, obtuse rambling replies are always welcome.

I've been posed the question: "Why not write a book yourself, then?"  I always have a plethora of answers, not one quite as logical out loud as it seems in my head.  The reality is that I find myself too critical of my own words and nothing ever actually gets finished.  This is why being an editor is ideal:  I can still be a wordsmith without all of the pesky personal quirks.
More about me?  I'm glad you asked.  I am a bibliophile, an aspiring geek, and I love gadgets.  By day I have a fairly typical office job, by night I am an avid reader and sometime book editor.  My favorite author of all time is Clive Barker, but don't let that fool you - If it's printed, you can bet I'd be willing to read it.  I am silly, irreverent and a little wacky.  I take the charge of editing other people's passions seriously.  I am a twin.  I am a wife.  I long to learn how to blow glass into elaborate displays of riotous color.  I tried to take a speed reading course once - but I already read faster than they could teach.  I laugh at inappropriate moments.  I love rain.   I collect smiley face paraphernalia and blown glass objects of joy.  I don't own a watch and am early for pretty much everything.  I am a big fan of my iPad.  I am the purple smudge of glee.

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