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This morning's commute brought to you by the letter A for "ACK!".  Public transportation is more challenging on days like today, when it seems that everyone and their brother opted to take the train instead of their cars.  It seems to make everything too close, too pronounced, too loud.  But we've talked about silence already, so I'll not bore you with that.

The real reason I'm here today:  I am looking for new projects!  I am currently working on "Grimme" by Peter Smalley and at first blush (I did a quick read-through over the weekend) it doesn't seem to need a lot of tinkering.  While I'm perfectly delighted to tinker,  I suspect that "Grimme" will be, in relative terms, a breeze to edit.

That having been said:  a call to authors, people who are friends with authors, possibly-nearly-aspiring authors, lend me your ears!  Er, lend me your words!  I promise to be careful and kind with them.  There are several ways to contact me - if you visit the "About the Editor" link (above) there is a contact form to fill out, or you may always email me at jjh.edits@gmail.com.   I am also on Goodreads and LinkedIn (both listings might be found by searching for "Jenna Huffman").

I would like to edit your book.  You would like your book edited.  How can this be anything but a terrific pairing?

The drippy?  Yeah, well, I live in Oregon.  Go figure. 

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