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So by now you know that I helped with editing Ren Cummin's book Reaper's Flight, right?  Have you read it yet?  You should, if you haven't.  You may thank me later. 

Ren is a generous soul.  I count myself exceedingly lucky to have known him for a few years, to have shared birthdays and beers and cheezes, to have met his lovely wife and his charming daughter.  To have listened to him sing with abandon to Rock Band (or Guitar Hero, I never really know which one...I just know it's vastly entertaining) and laugh with my husband. 

Turns out that Ren has also championed this lady's dream of becoming a real, honest-to-bob editor as well.  In giving credit, he's helped add legitimacy to this.  Lacking anything more thorough to properly convey my appreciation, I am left with the barely adequate "thank you".

And because of his support, I now also have another piece of joy to share with you...

I'm really an editor, apparently. 

If you would like more information on Ren or his books, you may start here:

I'm thankful, humbled and unabashedly proud of being a part of all of it.

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